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Upcoming events

    • 13 Oct 2020
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (CDT)
    • Ben Taub General Hospital 1504 Taub Loop, Houston, Texas 77030 (NPC Basement Auditorium)


    Medical Equipment Issues and Concerns Due To COVID-19- Round Table Discussion With HTM Leaders From The Texas Medical Center

    Discussion about how we all are managing the following during COVID 19:

    • Staffing your shops (issues /concerns)
    • Do you have an action plan if your staff were to become positive?
    • Tracking Staff as they enter COVID rooms
    • Addressing equipment issues in COVID rooms (Repairs and PM)
    • Managing vendors coming onsite to repair and/or PM your equipment
    • What type of loaner equipment has your Hospital rented due to COVID and what type of work volume has it put on your staff?
    • Have you or has your team/department/staff been asked to come up with new ways to setup medical equipment outside the patient rooms, to reduce nursing from going in/out of the rooms?
    • What’s been the trend in reference to equipment failures (Vent, Infusion Pumps, VSM, Beds, Patient monitors etc….)?
    • Are you seeing equipment failures due to over cleaning with wet moisture wipes (Causing short circuit)?
    • Do you have access to PPE for your staff?
    • Were your staff fitted for M95 mask?
    • What do you have in place if a vendor will not come onsite to perform services (Repairs /PM’s)?
    • Do you have a questionnaire in reference to equipment that may have been used to treat patient with COVID?
    • What do you think the impact of the Flu season will have on COVID 19?
    • Other issues and concerns that were not mentioned above from the panel & general members
    Food & Beverages Provided By Pronk, Paul Wessler
    Backpack Raffle Provided by FOBI, Melissa Bernier

    NOTE: We will be taking everyone’s temperature, enforcing social distancing and wearing masks during the meeting.

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